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Le Vigne di San Pietro is a unique “island of land” on the morainic hills of Lake Garda, in the Veneto region, located in the North-Eastern part of Italy.

The 10-hectar winery was founded in 1980 by Sergio and Franca Nerozzi, my parents. My father decided to relocate his family from the busy city to the countryside, looking for a place of beauty and nature as well as a productive land.

After two years of patient research, fate brought us here to Le Vigne di San Pietro, at this unique strategically located place between Lake Garda and the beautiful city of Verona.

Our soil is exceptionally suited for the production of wine grapes. The ancient remains and the consistently high quality of production that we have been achieving over the years, speak for Le Vigne di San Pietro’s uniqueness in many ways. My parents were very wise people.

The morainic soil is composed of a mix of clay, limestone, and glacial origins, rich in minerals. The microclimate is influenced by the near Lake Garda which enhances the grapevines’ qualities and serves to bring the best from this special soil.

The vineyards are surrounded by a small forest of diverse tree species, creating rich biodiversity, instrumental for the balanced growth of the grapevines.

As the oldest son, I was born to follow my father’s steps, being creative and pursuing a degree in architecture. Nonetheless Le Vigne di San Pietro called me to become a winemaker, to take advantage of this land that surrounds me and of such soil calling to be cultivated at the highest level. I consider wine my creative ”medium”, my communication method for promoting cultural mediation, socialization and to bring forward the vast wisdom of our past.

I have been working in the winemaking field for over 30 years, in collaboration with my friend Federico Giotto, a talented young agronomist and oenologist. His accuracy and technical expertise help us express our winestyle over the past 15 years. I appreciate wines that are elegant, interesting, intense but not aggressive, wines which can evolve in time intensifying their initial features. I love mineral aromas, brilliant and warm colours, light and seductive perfumes.

That is what I strive to convey through the wines that comes from this special land.

Carlo Nerozzi

Vineyards & Wine grapes

San Pietro vineyards spread over 4 hectares around my house and our central operations. The grapevines, trained by Guyot and spurred cordon systems, are planted from north to south. Merlot is located on the southern terraces, facing east-west. We maintain a distance between vines of 2.20m x 0.80m , with 6000 plants per hectare .

The Balconi Rossi vineyard, acquired in the ‘90s, is located few kilometers away from our central operations. The grapevines are planted facing north-south with a distance of 2.20m x 0.80 and circa 6000 plants per hectare.


The land is not tilled and the grass in the vineyards is mechanically maintained, without the use of any commercial herbicides. Green manure is used to enrich the soil and increase biodiversity. Grapes are picked by hand, collected in cases and addressed after cooling within a few hours from the harvest.

Our white grape varieties are Garganega, Trebbiano, Trebbianello, Manzoni Bianco, Cortese. Our red berried grapes are Corvina, Rondinella, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot.

We are honoured to work this special land and produce the best wines our knowledge and tradition can provide.



Bardolino Chiaretto doc Corderosa
Come un Pino Nero
Bardolino Superiore

Custoza DOC

Our Custoza is a light and slightly spicy white with good structure and a long life potential.

Suitable to match with cold cuts, tortellini with butter & sage, fish dishes.

Bardolino Chiaretto DOC Corderosa

Corderosa is a light, fruity rosé with good character and a hint of strawberry and peach flavours.

Perfect match with sea-food, fried fish, vegetables or pasta mediterranea.

Bardolino DOC

Our Bardolino is a fruity, intense and well-structured red with a spicy touch and moderate alcohol content.

Good summer wine, suitable to match with many dishes, also fish. To be served cool.

Refolà IGT

Refolà is a unique wine keeping Verona’s tradition of the dried grapes to express the elegance and velvet power of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot.

Perfect match with roasted lamb or aged cheeses.

Due Cuori IGT

Duecuori is a long lasting sweet passito with a citrus character and a clean after taste.

It matches with herb cheeses as well as with dry cakes and bisquits.

Amarone DOC

Our Amarone is an elegant, clean, full bodied red with a low sugar residual.

Excellent match with grilled meat game dishes and aged cheeses.

Bardolino Superiore DOCG

The Superiore is an intense and well-structured red wine with a spicy aroma and a medium smooth body.

Velvet red, suitable to match with roasted meat, mushrooms soup, truffle tagliolini.


The Superiore is a medium bodied and spicy white wine with good structure and a long life potential.

Suitable to match with white meat dishes, tortellini with butter & sage, fish dishes.

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